“If people don’t start commenting on how great you look in a couple of weeks, you’re cheating!”
Our Philosophy is simple: a holistic approach to your well-being is the best way to optimum health. Joshi founded the clinic in 2002 so that he could offer a wider variety of treatments for mind, body and spirit. Many treatments work synergistically with each other and our clinicians are trained to create bespoke plans to meet the unique needs of each client. We are committed to inspire and inform our patients so they may take full control of their health and wellbeing.
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  • Joshi

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  • Product

    Our bespoke range of supplements and kits have been created to support the needs of each individual client. Discover more

Wellness & Beauty

  • Holistic Detox

    Toxins are a natural waste-product of our body’s many metabolic functions. They are also absorbed from what we breathe, eat, drink and put on our skin and no other generation is exposed to more chemicals than we are today. Our specialist treatments and bespoke supplements will help your body move those toxins out and get the radiant energy back in.
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  • Nutrition

    Modern food production has stripped out many nutrients and loaded our bodies with more toxins and anti-nutrients than ever before. Our nutritional therapists will support your body’s natural healing process by assessing your eating habits and implementing more healthy choices. Our wide range of supplements may also be used if your body needs extra support.
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  • Body Treatments

    The healing power of touch has been documented for centuries. We understand that regular bodywork contributes for overall wellbeing, which is why our therapists offer a number of different styles of massage treatments, osteopathy, acupuncture and personal training each with its own therapeutic aim.
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  • Mind & Energy

    Only when you clear your mind of negative thoughts and energy can your body truly start to heal on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our trained therapists offer a range of clinically-proven treatments including hypnotherapy, cognitive hypnotherapy and energy healing.
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  • Beauty Treatments

    Beauty starts from the inside but we can always give you a bit of help on the outside too. A holistic approach can also include cosmetic procedures that improve image and self-esteem. We work alongside many of London’s top doctors to offer botox , fillers and non-invasive fat loss treatments that improve the appearance of cellulite and contours of the body.
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