Enzyme Booster

Gentle enzymes to support digestion


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Joshi developed this formula to help people whose digestive enzymes were low due to stress, convalescence, or age. He carefully blended a full spectrum of vegetarian enzymes to break down the proteins, fats and carbohydrates our bodies need to function. Taken with meals, this is a simple way to get more nourishment from your food. Watch the video.

Additional information

Weight 0.16 kg


  • Protease 3.0 (15SAPU)
  • Protease 4.5 (15000HUT)
  • Protease 6.0 (6000HUT)
  • Fenugreek seed
  • Ginger rhizome
  • Fennel seed
  • Amylase (2500DU)
  • Invertase (150SU)
  • Glucoamylase (5AGU)
  • Lipase (200FCCLU)
  • Peptidase (2000HUT)
  • Diastase (200DPo)
  • Xylanase (250XU)
  • Cellulase (300CU)
  • Lactase (100ALU)
Other ingredients:
  • Protease
  • vegetarian capsule: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
  • fenugreek seed pdr
  • ginger rhizome pdr
  • fennel seed pdr
  • amylase
  • invertase
  • glucoamylase (preservatives: sodium benzoate
  • potassium sorbate)
  • bulking agent: rice bran
  • lipase
  • peptidase
  • diastase
  • xylanase (preservative: potassium sorbate)
  • cellulase (preservative: sodium benzoate)
  • lactase. pdr=powder.

Free from artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, corn,
dairy products, gluten, lactose, soya, sugar, wheat and yeast. Suitable for vegetarians. This product is not tested on animals.


Take 1 capsule per meal, up to 3 capsules a day (children over 8 years,
1 capsule a day), or as directed.