Hippocrates said it best: “let medicine be thy food” and “all disease beings in the gut”. We believe in tackling health issues from both ends here at the clinic.

Joshi 6th November 2017

  • Nutritional Therapy

    Modern food production has stripped out many nutrients and loaded our bodies with more toxins and anti-nutrients than ever before. Our nutritional therapists will support your body’s natural healing process by assessing your eating habits and implementing more healthy choices. Our wide range of supplements may also be used if your body needs extra support.

Allergy Testing

Problems like bloating, irritable bowel, constipation, fatigue, skin problems, dark circles under the eyes, or joint pain can often be caused by a food intolerance. While a true food allergy only affects about 1% of the adult population (and often has more severe and sudden symptoms), food intolerances are much more common and are often overlooked.

At the Joshi Clinic we use a holistic, non-invasive system called NAET which is based on finding and correcting energy imbalances in the body. Once allergens or sensitivities are discovered, the NAET practitioner can retrain the body’s reaction to these substances by restoring the normal flow of energy through the body.

Meet Lila

Lila Rashidian uses her skills in nutritional therapy, homeopathy and herbal medicine to treat the underlying causes of ill health in patients. She specialises in allergies because she feels their impact on the body is misunderstood and many stubborn health problems can be resolved if allergies are addressed. Lila uses the NAET treatment to identify and clear allergies. She is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, homeopath and advance-level NAET practitioner.