Eat to live…..

As we weave towards another year of innovations and advances in science and technology so too does our understanding of the benefits and detrimental effects this brings. More pharmaceuticals are manufactured, we are becoming immune to these as times goes on, and developing adverse immunity to that which is also being manufactured: FOOD.

We seek help in the form of natural medicines to heal modern day diseases yet choose modern foods to create these diseases as opposed to natural ones. As our choices increase so does our need and demand for simplicity. I hear patients ask each and everyday, “just tell me what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner”. The diversity of choices has not only made us confused but also led to food intolerances and allergies. Our immune systems have become de-sensitised to the drugs, but hypersensitive to our internal and external environments.

An investigation by scientists from the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) at Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) followed 559 children ages 14-18. The study subjects’ dietary habits were measured; their blood analyzed and blood pressure, body fat and other health measurements taken. The researchers found a correlation between high-fructose (sugar/corn syrup) diets and markers for heart and vascular disease such as higher blood pressure, fasting glucose, insulin resistance, levels of C – reactive protein, related to inflammation.

The demand for organic produce, non GM foods and quality ingredients has become something we are increasingly, thankfully, demanding globally. Why then can we still allow ourselves to make bad choices for our children and ourselves when we wouldn’t serve these foods to our pets? Make your home a free-from zone. Look closely at the ingredients and additives in your grocery choices. Change dietary expectations. Make meals about family togetherness or moments of reflection and peace. Taste the vitality of locally grown, ripe produce. Drink more water.

Make this a day when you begin to hear what your body is telling you, listen to your inner child, take small consistent steps towards a healthier, happier, disease free future.