Onwards and upwards…

People need to learn to be kinder to themselves. A lot of people I come into contact with cut corners, and while they have a tendency to feel guilty about doing things which are bad for them, they also often go into a cycle of self-destruction, binge eating, drinking or smoking, saying “I can’t help myself.” One can always help oneself. One just has to learn how.

I have come to realise over the years that if I get worked up about work stress or patient problems, the only person it affects is me. Being a Hindu Brahmin, I understand clearly the fundamental thinking behind the West’s new fashion for yoga and I understand where it comes from. My people have been living this way for thousands of years. I know for myself that when I’m stressed, I suffer from insomnia, indigestion and headaches. So I’ve learned to let go.

People are seeking more guidance these days; they’re starting to understand how to control their emotions and minds. We’re all trying to find peace and tranquillity on this earth – and that doesn’t come just from eating the right kind of food.

Fundamentally, the huge increase in popularity of yoga and meditation is people’s way of trying to find inner calm. And to get away from this incredibly fast, more-more-more way of life that we all live now. Everyone is busy busy busy and what people need is a way to find some calm and tranquillity and just take time to relax. Learn to let go of situations you can’t control. Be kinder to yourself and don’t hold onto the past.