How to enjoy the party season (or any event) the Joshi way

With the Holiday season almost upon us, I understand how busy we are all going to be with work parties, celebrating with family and friends, and also for those of us whos jobs involve going out, so I have the following tips to help you enjoy the party season (or any party or event really!) the Joshi way! By following my advice you can still have a great time but we will make sure that you leave the party on time, looking and feeling your best and are on top form the next day!

1.) Make sure you line your stomach with something healthy before the big event, this helps to not only curb the appetite, and thus avoid the empty calories of canapés and bar snacks, but also helps you to control the effects of the alcohol.

2.) You’ve probably heard this before but, I suggest having a glass of still water between your drinks, and suggest sticking to purer distilled alcohols such as vodka, gin or martinis, its much kinder on your liver and wont leave you feeling as awful the next day!

3.) If working the next day set your alarm to go home! And arrange to stick to it with a friend (always best to leave the party looking good!)

4.) Before you go to bed, have a piece of gluten free, wholemeal toast with peanut or almond butter, this will help to absorb any excess alcohol in your system , washed down with a glass of filtered water with an Emergen-C.

5.) The next morning, Start your day with a large glass of filtered water with a Beroccca to replenish lost minerals and provide the body with essential B vitamins for energy, and of course, a healthy breakfast such as scrambled eggs on wheat free toast or fat free Greek yoghurt with a tea spoon of honey.